Why I started the Challah Mom website

So why did I start the website?

If you recall in April of 2023 my Instagram account was hacked. And after an anxiety attack, lots of prayers and 10 agonizing days I was able to restore it. The day was April 26, 2023 and my family was celebrating Yom Haatzmaut (Israel’s Independence Day) in Tel Aviv. It was 75 years since the establishment of the modern state of Israel and we came to the coastline to watch the most magnificent airshow I’ve ever seen. Israeli pilots soaring across the Mediterranean coastline in perfect formation. The sonic sound wave of an F-16 pulling up to 12 o’clock and the vibrations felt in my chest is imprinted in my memory forever. It was shortly after this exhilarating air show that I went to login into my Instagram account that I saw I was booted out. Checking my emails I noticed that my password was changed, my two factor authentication was compromised and with a final ransom email, I knew it was bad. 

Just a moment before, I was experiencing one of the most joyous moments of my life. My children were happy and healthy, and my husband was standing beside me with his arms wrapped around my waist.  I was in my Israeli dream, I was in heaven. I couldn’t let the violation take away from that moment, but I was gutted. That whole car ride home I tried to put on a brave face, my kids could feel my devastation and they kept asking if I was ok. As soon as we got home,  I instinctively took out a journal and pen and started to write down 75 things I was grateful for in honor of Israel’s birthday. 

It was shortly after that moment, that I knew I needed to create a home off of these platforms that allowed me to maintain the connection with you. As life had it, we were in the last few months of a one year family adventure (which was EPIC btw) and I was focused on my family rather than MY BRAND. We returned back to Toronto, Canada where I grew up, where we built our family, our life…and we pressed UNPAUSE. I knew something was off. I knew this wasn’t going to work (that’s another blog post). It was the summer of 2023 that I started to prepare our family for Aliyah (to return to Israel) permanently . Once again, putting my personal Brand ambitions to the side, I prioritized my family. 

We returned to Israel in September 2023 nearly one month before the whole world changed and Oct 7 became the day that will go down in history as one of the darkest days for Israel and the Jewish people. I have a lot to say about my initial response (that’s also another blog) and once again I prioritized my family and also my personal mental health. Going through the bureaucracy of residency in Israel, making sure the kids had what they needed physically, emotionally and mentally, keeping my marriage intact and strong and guarding my eyes, ears and heart from the darkness that was consuming the Jewish people and my own social media account, required all my strength and time. and energy.

While the world and Israel is far from being healed. I decided now was the time to begin my ascent….slowly!

This website is a new chapter for my Challah Mom community. It allows me to return back to one of my earliest passion of writing. I’ll be posting content accessible to everyone, but also premium content like virtual courses, live events, tutorials and more. I’ve been reading all of your comments even though I don’t always have time to respond, and I’ve listened to what it is you are looking for. On this platform I will do my best to share, connect, educate and share my life lessons.

So what lies ahead? 

I’ll be sending out a weekly blog to my community. AND……

I’m set to start my CANADA/US city tour this JULY…..these will be LIVE events with yours truly. We will make Challah, but it’s so much more than that! I have a handbook ready to give to a community organizer or event planner who’s ready to bring me to their city to guide you (wink wink) or them in the process from A-Z. Click here to fill out the form and my team will respond ASAP. Dates are starting to fill up.

Once I’ve secured my dates, I’ll share them here on my website and I hope to see you all there! 

Lastly, I just want to say THANK YOU! Thank you for encouraging me, checking in on me, fighting the trolls who lurk around my platform and for sharing my content. I’ve always believed that Jewish wisdom is universal wisdom for living. I love my nation am yisrael and this beautiful land I now call home AGAIN. I’m grateful that you’ve invited me into your home for a moment in time, to connect with light and love.

May you always use your spark to illuminate the world around you!

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