I allow my Challah Mom community to enter my world and to see Judaism and Israel through my eyes.

My name is Anat Ishai but I’m better known as the Challah Mom.

I’m a Jewish lifestyle Digital Content Creator and a blogger. I share my Jewish journey and life through challah, dance, hair wrapping tutorials, Israel and Jewish wisdom. I allow my Challah Mom community to enter my world and to see Judaism and Israel through my eyes. In courageously showing up as a proud Jewish woman, I hope to inspire my community to unleash their Jewish soul within.

I was born in Israel to Russian Israeli parents and immigrated to Toronto Canada at the age of 5. At the age of 15 returned to Israel for the first time with NCSYCanada and then again a few more times with Momentum. My love affair with Israel began to blossom.

I came to own my Judaism later in life after being married for 10 years and before the birth of our 4th child. I began the Challah Mom account on social media as a way to push myself to find Joy again. In the midst of what was the Covid era in Canada I lost a lot of my sparkle. Lockdown at home with 4 young children was a challenging experience and that is an understatement. 

I used my Challah, my dance moves and my inner thoughts as a vehicle to find ME again. The Challah Mom community began to explode and the content reached even further when in September 2022 my family of 6 embarked on a one year family adventure to Israel. I chronicled the experience on the Challah Mom platform and after the year was up I returned back to Toronto with my family in July 2023. It was no less than 6 weeks later my husband and I decided to make Israel our home and we officially returned to Israel September 2023 to make Aliyah. Only 30 days later on October 7, the world changed, and I changed. I have now made it my mission to further expand my platform to amplify my voice to the Challah Mom community without my voice getting silenced or restricted.

The Challah Mom community will be the place where I share my insights, my perspective and my thoughts about Judaism, growth, Israel and everything in between. I will post all future events and further connect in person with my Challah mom community in live and virtual events. And lastly, I will continue to inspire, educate, dance and share tutorials all while living a meaningful and purposeful life in Israel.

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